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You've got an amazing call on your life- we'll help you achieve it!

Whether you're leading a church, overseeing a ministry, hosting a small group, or just getting your feet wet, the FMA Certification Process will help you achieve more, faster.

Freedom Ministry Alliance (FMA) was birthed out of Word Alive International Outreach in Coldwater, Alabama. Under Pastor Kent Mattox’s leadership, WAIO grew explosively- and was given a platform to encourage, equip, and empower other leaders to reach their full potential.

Why the "Church Works" logo? Because we believe the church still works. And, our goal is to empower your church or ministry to work even better by empowering you!

What’s unique about FMA? A few things...

  • We believe GRACE is better than you imagined, and that Jesus empowers people to live- and to minister- from FREEDOM.
  • We also believe the HOLY SPIRIT still moves- with great passion to embrace the Father’s sons & daughters, so that they might walk in that freedom.
  • We believe that doing things with great skill honors our Creator- and that leading with EXCELLENCE is not at odds with leaning into- and living from- the power of the Spirit.
  • We affirm that one of the greatest currencies of the Kingdom are relationships, and that when God does a great work He usually uses TEAMS of people rather than individuals. What we do, we do together.
  • We affirm, finally, that we’re part of a greater story, a longer narrative than what we might have imagined. The story of redemption didn’t begin at Pentecost- or even at the Cross. Our roots go farther back, right through the prophets, the Psalms, the historical books… through the Red Sea, to the call of Abraham, and even before… Our ROOTS run deep.


What does FMA do for you?

Our unique certification process sets you aside as a leader that’s equipped with incredible tools- and the relationships to take you farther towards your destiny. We don’t “call” you to minister- God does. We simply affirm that destiny and come beside you with some incredible resources to accelerate what He’s begun.

Here’s the process.

1. Complete your registration below. It takes less than 3 minutes!

2. Within one business day, the FMA director will be in touch. He’ll schedule a 45-minute online meeting with you to take place within the week.

3. During that 45-minute meeting, we’ll learn more about you, what you feel led to do (maybe you’re waiting to get started- or maybe you’ve been doing it for years and just want to “walk with” some people as you do it).

4. You’ll get instant access to all 14 learning modules below- all grouped around the 5 core values of GRACE, HOLY SPIRIT, EXCELLENCE, TEAMS, & ROOTS.

5. You’ll have a monthly 1:1 coaching call with the FMA Director to work through the process, and

6. You’ll be invited to the monthly team call and the private Facebook group. In other words, you'll be surrounded by a  team of leaders whom you can learn from- and whom you can teach!

7. You’ll also receive the VIP treatment at our conferences, including reserved seating and access to the FMA-only VIP Room (so you can interact with other incredible leaders like you)!

8. We’ll note your participation in the certification process on our website- with a link to your church or ministry website

9. At the completion of the certification process, we’ll endorse you and empower you to coach and lead others.


Empowerment Tool #1- 14 online courses covering all 5 FMA core values

Core Value 1- Grace = 2 Classes

Grace Basics

Teach the message of freedom in such a way that people hunger for more!

Grace Basics is an 8-part video series created just for you- to show you how gracious your Heavenly Father is, how radically successful Jesus was in His work of redemption, and how radically amazing you are!

In 8 lessons (15-20 minutes each in length) you'll learn that:

* God isn't angry with you

* We know exactly what God is like- and it may surprise you how gracious He is

* You were created for glory, for excellence... it's in you!

* You're not "part bad" and "half good"- you've been remade as completely new and incredibly awesome!

Grace Basics will give you simple language to teach the message of freedom in such a way that people will hunger for more. The simple framework outlined here is THE core of our message.

Freedom Track

If you’re looking for a way to move people from sitting to serving, look no farther than Freedom Track.

Freedom Track is the starting point of our equipping process- an empowerment tool that moves first time attenders to leaders quickly and effectively. In fact, the ONLY announcement we make the from stage on Sundays is this: attend Freedom Track!

This is  our "new members" class- and we invite people to it before they ever join the church!

We tell attenders of our church that Freedom Track is the fastest way to discover who we are and how we help you uncover your true identity, the amazing destiny God has for you, and how it all fits together. The Message of Freedom is interwoven throughout this 7-module class (we teach it in four weeks).

At the conclusion of Freedom Track, participants  know:

* Who they are

* What they are gifted to do

* If the next best steps for them include walking with this church- or if they might feel more at home somewhere else. Either way, within four weeks, they complete the class knowing who they are and who their Heavenly Father is.

By the way, at the conclusion of Freedom Track, we introduce people to ministry team leaders. The participants know their skills and "bent," from the personal inventories and gifts assessments included in the book, and they know who they might like to meet. We don't force them to serve; we simply make the introduction and allow the relationships to move forward.

This module includes 7 videos and the 200-page ebook.

Core Value 2- Holy Spirit = 4 Classes

The Healing Workshop

God's first revelation to the Children of Israel after freeing them from slavery was that He is a healer. And Jesus said healing is one of the touchpoints of the Kingdom!

In this book you will go through each of the topics of who God is, the true place of faith, and how we should understand healing. He gives you a step-by-step process to receive healing, as well as minister it to others. And, he takes on questions like what you should do if the healing doesn't seem to happen- or if it does happen and you don't want to see it disappear.

This workshop is full of practical examples- and you'll actually see people applying what they're being taught in the moment AND getting instant results!

Module includes 6 hours of hands-on teaching via video as well as the 194-page eBook, as well as practical tips on how to implement a healing ministry where you are starting now!

The Prophecy Workshop

What if others in your church could hear the voice of Heaven for each other?

In this 2-part training workshop, Max Navarro takes the mystery out of prophecy and makes it simple- and accessible. He'll define the prophetic as the Bible does- and show you how to hear (and declare) the words of God.

In just two sessions, Max breaks things down and makes it simple. Participants in the live event got instant results- they were activated in their gift immediately!

Module includes 3 hours of video training- perfect for empowering your ministry teams to connect others to freedom in Jesus!

Spiritual Deliverance

The Message of Freedom is core to who we are, what we do, and how we do it. This workshop will show you how to maintain freedom- and how to lead others into it.

Scott & Lori Stanfied lead from their heart on this one... and bring a wealth of spiritual discernment, Kingdom revelation, and insight into the topic of supernatural deliverance. You'll learn the enemy's chief tactics, how to increase your spiritual stamina, and walk away with a battle plan guaranteed to give you results and send the enemy fleeing!

You'll love the way the Stanfields break everything down in this 6-hour workshop. Their notes are included in this module- another course perfect for equipping your ministry teams.

The Worship Intensive

Let's face it: most people make up their mind about your ministry before the preacher ever sets foot onstage!

In this event, held Summer 2016, a panel of speakers discussed the foundations of worship... and how true worship opens doors that nothing else can.

Praise is not only the way we enter our Father's courts, it is the way we leave, taking His presence with us to access His power & provision for all of life.

This 2-hour video workshop is perfect for helping frame the weekend experience. You'll love the takeaways you can instantly use to empower your team to take things to the next level.

Core Value 3- Excellence = 2 Classes

Team Freedom

What if every volunteer in your church knew their role? And how it fit together with the bigger picture of what you are trying to achieve... together?

Team Freedom is the "job description" book we created for every volunteer ministry position in our church. You'll see how every part fits together to form the Body and to serve as the hands and feet of Jesus...

Team Freedom tops out at 180 pages and contains every process we use for volunteers. This book is to volunteers what the Team Playbook is to staff. The book outlines every ministry role we have in the church- and more- so that you can focus on leading the ministry, not figuring out the details.

* Section 1- Overview- We outline the big picture, showing how every part of the Body fits together.

* Section 2- Teams- We break every department in the church down, then outline each ministry role. Whether someone is helping with the website, working security, teaching kids, or serving on a prayer team... they know exactly what to do and how to do it. This actually empowers people to do more with greater effectiveness!

* Section 3- Forms- We include all the paperwork someone might need; checklists. expense requests, etc.

This module also includes a video series that coaches your- or your volunteer team leader- how to implement the concepts we use to empower 100s of leaders every week.

Tips from the Trenches

Skip the learning curve on all the practical things that you have to do every single week.

In this video series, Pastor Dan Mattox (Pastoral Care Pastor at Word Alive International Outreach in Coldwater, Alabama) boils 45 years of pastoral experience into eight 15-minute video segments that are guaranteed to help you in the following ways:

* Understand the goal of each area he discussed

* Walk away with a simple action step that empowers you to do it better, right then & there

* Minister from freedom instead of anxiety

What does he cover? You'll learn these things:

* How to know what to preach & when

* How to deal with baptisms, baby dedications, weddings, and funerals

* The one thing that makes a pastoral care visit effective (hint: it's not what you think- and it's WAY EASIER than you probably thought to get this one right 100% of the time)

* The resource challenge - how to deal with the fact that there never seems to be enough nickels or noses to achieve the great work you're called to


Ok- let's be honest. If you're a seasoned leader, you already know most of this stuff. So, consider this the perfect tool to empower your high level volunteers and next level leaders- that's exactly what we use this system for!

Core Value 4- Teams = 3 Classes

Team Playbook

Look under the hood and see how we run our church- then have all the tools to do it yourself!

The Team Playbook is a 400-page eBook and accompanying video series we created that outlines who we are, what we do, and how we do it. The book has five sections (each accompanied by multiple training videos).

* Part 1- The Big Picture- Here, you'll learn about apostolic ministry, missional theology, and the equipping process we've created to launch people into their area of greatest giftedness and influence. We also outline the goals we're reaching for, our vision as a church.

* Part 2- Teams- We break down every staff role in the church into a written job description- and we show how they all fit together. You'll also find the processes we use in each facet of the organization.

* Part 3- General Policies - The basics, the details, and the nitty gritty. Here, you'll find the mumbo jumbo that you must have to keep the organization compliant and functional- and you'll get it without having to reinvent the wheel or spend your time putting it all together.

* Part 4- Bylaws / Legal Jargon- We've placed our entire bylaws and our conflict of interest policy in this package. These are two more documents you must have - but we understand that you got into ministry to lead others to the truth of Scripture, not necessarily legalese. Relax- we've got you covered.

* Part 5- Form & Other- Whether it's time off requests, staff reviews, or other documents we use every week... they're all here.

* Part 6- Bonus Content- We've also included a few things unique to us- like how we do geographically based small groups and how we have a unique emphasis each month.

If you want to understand how five-fold ministry works practically, this is the tool for you and your team. This module gives you the system to run the church so that you can do the real work of ministry.

Kingdom Culture 201

The class "closes the back door" by moving attenders from the worship service to someone's kitchen. Literally.

People who complete Freedom Track are invited to this four week class, the second in our equipping process. After learning their identity, we want them, second of all, to connect with the Body of Christ in a more relational way.

4 videos and the eBook we hand out in class are included in this module.

Kingdom Culture takes you to our roots. We discuss the Bible Jesus read, the parties Jesus celebrated (3 major feasts), the clock & calendar Jesus kept, and the place Jesus loved (He moved from the Temple to the Table).

Whereas the goal of Freedom Track is to move people into ministry, the goal of Kingdom Culture is move people towards Houses of Light (our name for "small groups"). So, at the conclusion of this four week class, we invite our group Coaches and Community Leaders to attend- and we make the relational connections once again.

This module includes the PDF download of  Kingdom Culture- and we provide a link where you can have them shipped to you for far less than you can print them - regardless of how many or how few you purchase.

If you're looking for a simple tool that connects people to each other AND is guaranteed to help spread the pastoral care load among your congregation, where real life happens, Kingdom Culture is a must-have!

Theology of Leadership

What if your system included a way for leaders to self -identify? (No more begging, recruiting, hunting... What if leaders came looking FOR you?!)

Theology of Leadership is the third module in our equipping process. Also taught in four weeks, this class empowers volunteers to lead at the next level. Part theology, part servant leadership, this 4-session series empowers you to lead like Jesus.

At the conclusion of the Theology of Leadership (we call it our "301") class, we introduce participants to ministry team leaders. They've been serving in some capacity until now, at this point we empower them to lead.

Having benchmarks in place like this empowerment tool create a system whereby leaders train and qualify themselves to lead!

The Art of Leadership 401

You have our complete equipping process that moves people from first time attender to leading at ANY level in the church within just a few months with this 4-video module.

Art of Leadership is the 4th class in our equipping process. The great work that you'll do outside of yourself is an overflow of the greatest work you do inside yourself. And, God always does something TO you before He does it THROUGH you.

For each area in our church, we've outlined which roles require minimal training. We empower people to serve in these areas immediately upon completing Freedom Track. And, we've identified "next level" roles. Participants are progressively given more opportunities- and greater platforms- with each four week class they complete.

This allows us to train them leaders effectively. At the same time, it empowers them to move into leadership quickly. And, since we've written it down, everyone knows what the standard is- there's no guesswork.

Core Value 5- Roots = 3 Classes

The Hebraic Roots of God's Word - workshop

Knowing where you've come from is often the best way to move forward!

In this 6-hour workshop, an expert on the Jewish Roots of our faith, Darko Kojavic shows you the Bible from a different angle... and reveals that there's way more going on that what we imagined possible.

We see God's intricate order, His passionate heart of pursuit, and a faith that is rich in imagery. You'll learn about the "Bible Jesus read," how unlocking the cultural practices of that day brings about a deeper understanding of Scripture, and you'll gain an appreciation for the rich story we've been grafted into.

What's the benefit? You'll see the power of God's Story like you've never seen it before, and you'll have simple takeaways that empower you to teach the message of freedom from any passage in the Bible.

Tabernacles Conference

Systems and processes are great, but they don't matter unless you have the Presence!

Tabernacles is one of the 3 major parties God instructed His people to observe. In this Fall conference, we celebrate a new season of God's grace, His provision, and the destiny He launches us each into.

The benefit? The power is in the Presence, which is the very thing we teach in this workshop. Let's face it, if people come to your church and experience the Presence, well... that makes ALL the difference in the world!

Empowerment Tool #2- Personal Coaching!

Even with GREAT online resources, though, there's nothing like FACE-to-FACE INTERACTION

In fact, the online resources are simply the launching point for everything else we do!

Monthly 1:1

Every 30 days, you'll have a scheduled Zoom / videoconference with the FMA Director or one of our top level staff leaders. We'll talk through the material you're learning, as well as determine how we can help empower you to lead more effectively in your unique environment.

Site visit(s)

We'll schedule a time for you to come visit WAIO - to see the weekend experience firsthand, to meet  key leaders face-to-face, and to see how we implement our processes. Think of it as an all-access pass that takes you backstage for the day.

Empowerment Tool #3- Peer-to-Peer Interaction with Other Top-Notch Leaders

Facebook Group

Yeah, we set up a secret group just for leaders like you. Together, we can celebrate- and struggle. And, this environment levels the playing field and lets us all learn from one another.

Group Zoom

Some of the best leaders are people you’d never meet… until now. Video-conferencing provides us the platform to schedule monthly meetings that everyone around the world can attend. Hop on and interact with pastors from Africa or South America… as well as down the street.

Reserved Seating

We’ve reserved space just for you at our annual Spring, Summer, and Fall conferences. You and your guests will sit with other leaders- and you’ll have access to the VIP Room created just for FMA Leaders.

Empowerment Tool #4- The Archives

Don't worry about the great stuff you missed

Here’s one of the best parts of our coaching & certification process: there’s no time like the present, right? But don’t worry about getting left behind. We’ll give you access to all the great group coaching calls we’ve hosted in the past. The archives are yours for the browsing.

Empowerment Tool #5- Public Recognition

Let's let everybody know

So we’ll be letting everybody know about this, all right? We’ll place your link on our website AND we’ll let everyone know that you’re in the loop here. That means when someone is looking for a freedom church or ministry to connect to, they’ll have easy access to find you.

Empowerment Tool #6- 50% off EVERYTHING!

All of our sermons, workshops, conferences, and more...

We'll send you a discount code you can use for 50% off any digital products in our online store - here and on the Word Alive website. If we've got something there that will help you, whether it's a message series or a weekend workshop, we want you to have it!

Empowerment Tool #7- The Platform to Pay It Forward

What do we expect in return? Pay it forward.

Certification is good for one full year. As the end of the year nears, we’ll confer with you and evaluate the relationship. Is this where you want to be? Do we want to continue walking together? If so, we’ll affirm the relationship for another year (no cost- you've already paid for the resources).


Leaders who complete the 6 month certification process are matched with other leaders. Our hope is that you’ll meet with someone at least once a month, online or in person, and continue growing together. We work to match seasoned leaders with new, emerging leaders.

Mission Trips

We take the message of freedom all around the world. Whether we’re partnering with our WAIO campuses internationally, or working with leaders in the U.S., we invite you to go with us- and to encourage, equip, and empower others with the message of radical grace.

Ministry Workshops

About four times year we host an equipping workshop. Think of it like “graduate school” in supernatural ministry. Top leaders teach topics like healing, prophecy, and deliverance. We’d love for you to attend… and we invite you to participate when you’re ready, bringing your expertise to the group!


1. Complete your checkout by following the link here or the link below. You'll get instant access to the online products listed above through our online portal.

2. The "Start here" product in the online library was created just for you- it will outline our suggested roadmap for working through the course material.

3. Our FMA Director will reach out to you within one business day. He'll confirm you have access to the online training materials, add you to the Facebook / chat groups, and set an appointment to Skype / Zoom within the week. This first call should take about 15 minutes; the first Zoom will last about an hour.


Encourage, Equip, and Empower me to lead with skill and the power of the Spirit!

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