Welcome To Freedom Ministry Alliance

What is our basic package?

The basic Ordination package through FMA includes everything you need to get you started. You'll get instant access to your official ordination certificate and credentials.  You will have online access to the videos and materials for Freedom Track and Kingdom Culture, which is our core discipleship process.

What's the difference between the Basic Package, the Full Package and the Church Leadership Bundle?   I'm glad you asked.  Each package comes with much more that I will detail out below so check each of those out before making your decision.  However, here is a brief description of each.

The Basic Package is what it is, basic.  You will get credentials and some limited material to get you started.  

The Full Package will give you access to all of our online and printed material.  It will also consist of coaching calls and a full ordination ceremony by Kent Mattox at Word Alive International Outreach.

The Church Leadership Bundle will give you everything above, but will also allow you to send your leadership through the ordination process for $199 each additional person.

We know... you're called to "do the stuff"-  not run an organization. So this is just to get you started.  If you feel called to lead a ministry or church and need more training or materials, we offer other packages to meet those needs.  

 Want more one-on-one training? Or want to learn more about church structure? Then look to the Full Individual Ordination package.  If you are a church and not an individual we have a package designed just for you.  It's called our Church Leadership Bundle. This course is specific for churches! 

Basic Ordination Package

Our coaching & certification process empowers you to lead with skill & the power of the Spirit!


Systems that work

Our structure and systems will free your time to invest in people rather than trying to create processes and policies to run your organization. Chances are, you chose to give your life to ministry because you desire to encourage, equip, and empower people - not just work on the mechanics of creating an organization that facilitates life and freedom.

Our unique systems will free you to do just that! And, because the systems are Biblical rather than cultural, you'll be able to use them in any context and get the same results we've gotten.

Relationships that enhance

Face it. Ministry has ups and downs - extreme highs and deep lows, more so than any other profession.  Through our online groups, monthly 1:1 sessions, team coaching calls, and opportunities for face-to-face interaction, you'll interact with others who live in the tension you live.

And, you'll feed off their creativity as they are enhanced by yours. Because FMA includes churches from all over the world, of different races and cultural expressions, you'll gain clarity in an amazing way.

A platform to change the world

Together, we can do more. Whether it's locking arms to dig wells in Africa- and turn a church into a community hub where spiritual and practical needs are met or whether it's celebrating the goodness of God together at strategic times on the calendar, we're stronger because of each other.

FMA gives you a voice, too. Seasoned leaders are empowered to equip new leaders. Our online events and live interactions are created to foster communication that happens long after the events are over.